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1   Juristic persons -- 4 Related Subjects   4
2 Juristic persons.   25
3 Juristic persons -- Australia. : Legal personality and political pluralism / edited by Leicester C. Webb  1958 1

Juristic persons Civil rights -- See Civil rights of corporations

5 Juristic persons -- Congresses   2

Juristic persons Criminal liability -- See Criminal liability of juristic persons


Juristic persons, Foreign -- See Corporations, Foreign

Here are entered works on corporations operating in countries (or states of the United States) other than those countries (or states of the United States) under whose laws they were organized. Works on corporations organized under the laws of an individual country and operating outside that country are entered under headings of the type Corporations, [nationality], with further subdivision by place, if any, in which the corporations are operating, e.g. Corporations, American--France
8 Juristic persons -- Great Britain. : Groups and entities : an inquiry into corporate theory / S. J. Stoljar  1973 1

Juristic persons (International law) -- See Persons (International law)

Here are entered works on states, international bodies, and individuals as persons in public international law

--subdivision International status under names of countries, regions, etc. and bodies of water, e.g. Ukraine--International status
10 Juristic persons (Islamic law) : Collective liability in Islam : the 'Āqila and blood-money payments / Nurit Tsafrir  2020 1
11 Juristic persons -- Moral and ethical aspects : Salvage Work : U.S. and Caribbean Literatures amid the Debris of Legal Personhood / Angela Naimou  2015 1

Juristic persons Nationality -- See Corporations Nationality

13 Juristic persons -- Philosophy : Legal personhood / Visa A. J. Kurki  2023 1
14 Juristic persons -- Psychological aspects. : The Legalistic organization / Sim B. Sitkin, Robert J. Bies, editors  1994 1
15 Juristic persons (Roman law) : Personality in Roman private law / by P.W. Duff of Lincoln's Inn, barrister-at-law ; Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge  1971 1
16 Juristic persons -- Spain : Derecho penal de las personas jurídicas / Enrique Agudo Fernández, Manuel Jaén Vallejo, Ángel Luis Perrino Pérez  2016 1
17 Juristic persons -- United States   3
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