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High-Density Lipoproteins -- See Lipoproteins, HDL

A class of lipoproteins of small size (4-13 nm) and dense (greater than 1.063 g/ml) particles. HDL lipoproteins, synthesized in the liver without a lipid core, accumulate cholesterol esters from peripheral tissues and transport them to the liver for re-utilization or elimination from the body (the reverse cholesterol transport). Their major protein component is APOLIPOPROTEIN A-I. HDL also shuttle APOLIPOPROTEINS C and APOLIPOPROTEINS E to and from triglyceride-rich lipoproteins during their catabolism. HDL plasma level has been inversely correlated with the risk of cardiovascular diseases
2 High density lipoproteins.   4
3 High density lipoproteins -- Congresses. : High density lipoproteins and atherosclerosis : proceedings of the Third Argenteuil Symposium held under the auspices of the Fondation cardiologique Princesse Liliane in Waterloo, Belgium on November 7-8, 1977 / editors, A. M. Gotto, Jr., N. E. Miller, M. F. Oliver  1978 1
4 High density lipoproteins -- Handbooks, manuals, etc : The HDL handbook : biological functions and clinical implications / edited by Tsugikazu Komoda  2017 1
5 High density lipoproteins -- Metabolism   4
6 High density lipoproteins -- Metabolism -- Disorders : HDL metabolism and diseases / Lemin Zheng, editor  2022 1
7 High density lipoproteins -- Pathophysiology   3
8 High density lipoproteins -- Physiological effect.   5
9 High density lipoproteins -- Therapeutic use. : High density lipoproteins (Eckardstein and Kardasis)  2015 1
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