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Fibrosis, Cystic -- See Cystic Fibrosis

An autosomal recessive genetic disease of the EXOCRINE GLANDS. It is caused by mutations in the gene encoding the CYSTIC FIBROSIS TRANSMEMBRANE CONDUCTANCE REGULATOR expressed in several organs including the LUNG, the PANCREAS, the BILIARY SYSTEM, and the SWEAT GLANDS. Cystic fibrosis is characterized by epithelial secretory dysfunction associated with ductal obstruction resulting in AIRWAY OBSTRUCTION; chronic RESPIRATORY INFECTIONS; PANCREATIC INSUFFICIENCY; maldigestion; salt depletion; and HEAT PROSTRATION

Fibrosis, Endomyocardial -- See Endomyocardial Fibrosis

A condition characterized by the thickening of the ventricular ENDOCARDIUM and subendocardium (MYOCARDIUM), seen mostly in children and young adults in the TROPICAL CLIMATE. The fibrous tissue extends from the apex toward and often involves the HEART VALVES causing restrictive blood flow into the respective ventricles (CARDIOMYOPATHY, RESTRICTIVE)
5 Fibrosis -- etiology : Fibrostenotic inflammatory bowel disease / Florian Rieder, editor  2018 1
6 Fibrosis Heart : Interstitial fibrosis in heart failure / edited by Francisco J. Villarreal  2005 1
7 Fibrosis Kidneys Molecular aspects : Renal fibrosis / volume editors, Mohammed S. Razzaque, Takashi Taguchi  2003 1
8 Fibrosis -- Laboratory manuals : Fibrosis : methods and protocols / edited by Laure RittiĆ©  2017 1

Fibrosis, Liver -- See Liver Cirrhosis

Liver disease in which the normal microcirculation, the gross vascular anatomy, and the hepatic architecture have been variably destroyed and altered with fibrous septa surrounding regenerated or regenerating parenchymal nodules
10 Fibrosis Liver   2
11 Fibrosis Mouth : Oral submucous fibrosis : a guide to diagnosis and management / Saman Warnakulasuriya, Kannan Ranganathan, editors  2023 1
12 Fibrosis -- pathology : Fibrogenesis : cellular and molecular basis / [edited by] Mohammed S. Razzaque  2005 1
13 Fibrosis -- Periodicals : Fibrogenesis & tissue repair  2008- 1
14 Fibrosis -- physiopathology.   5

Fibrosis, Pulmonary -- See Pulmonary Fibrosis

A process in which normal lung tissues are progressively replaced by FIBROBLASTS and COLLAGEN causing an irreversible loss of the ability to transfer oxygen into the bloodstream via PULMONARY ALVEOLI. Patients show progressive DYSPNEA finally resulting in death
16 Fibrosis -- Research -- Methodology : Fibrosis research : methods and protocols / edited by John Varga, David A. Brenner, Sem H. Phan  2005 1
17 Fibrosis -- therapy : Fibrostenotic inflammatory bowel disease / Florian Rieder, editor  2018 1
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