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Cell adhesion molecules -- See Also the narrower term Integrins

2 Cell adhesion molecules.   30
3 Cell Adhesion Molecules -- chemistry : The adhesion molecule factsbook / Clare M. Isacke, Michael A. Horton  2000 1
4 Cell adhesion molecules -- Handbooks, manuals, etc   2
5 Cell Adhesion Molecules -- immunology : Immunobiology of natural killer cell receptors / E. Vivier and M. Colonna (eds.)  2006 1
6 Cell adhesion molecules -- Laboratory manuals   4

Cell Adhesion Molecules, Neural -- See Neural Cell Adhesion Molecules

Cell adhesion molecule involved in a diverse range of contact-mediated interactions among neurons, astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, and myotubes. It is widely but transiently expressed in many tissues early in embryogenesis. Four main isoforms exist, including CD56; (CD56 ANTIGEN); but there are many other variants resulting from alternative splicing and post-translational modifications. (From Pigott & Power, The Adhesion Molecule FactsBook, 1993, pp115-119)
8 Cell Adhesion Molecules -- physiology   5
9 Cell adhesion molecules -- Research -- Methodology   2
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