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Author International Federation of Automobile Engineers' and Technicians' Associations. International Congress (2012)

Title Proceedings of the FISITA 2012 World Automotive Congress. Volume 13, Noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) / Society of Automotive Engineers of China (SAE-China), International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies (FISITA), editors
Published Berlin ; New York : Springer, ©2013


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Series Lecture notes in electrical engineering, 1876-1100 ; v. 201
Lecture notes in electrical engineering ; v. 201.
Contents Part 1. Chassis Vibration and Noise Control -- Parameters Sensitivity Analysis of Self-Excited Vibration of Tires / Xianwu Yang and Shuguang Zuo -- Shimmy Identification Caused by Self-Excitation Components at Vehicle High Speed / Fujiang Min, Wei Wen, Lifeng Zhao, Xiongying Yu and Jiang Xu -- Nonlinear Transient Dynamic Analysis of Disc Brake Squeal Using Improved Hilbert-Huang Transform / Xiandong Liu, Haixia Wang, Yingchun Shan and Tian He -- Application of an Experimental Tire Model for Comfort Analysis: Requirement for Accurate Low Frequency Tire-Patch Inputs / Alessandro Lepore, Theo Geluk, Massimiliano Gobbi and Ben Meek
Part 2. Transmission Vibration and Noise Control -- Torsional Finite Element Analysis of Driveline Torsional Vibration for a Front Wheel Driveline Vehicle Development / Yuanfeng Xia, Hongcheng Li, Xiong Tian, Hongying Wang and Yu Tang -- Transfer Paths Identification and Optimization of Transmission Gear Rattle Noise / Tian Xiong, Hongcheng Li, Hongying Wang, Yang Xianwu and Yu Tang, et al. -- Study on Driveline Component Torsional Stiffness Effect on RWD Driveline Torsional Vibration Modes / Qian Zhao -- Reduction of Structure-Borne Noise by Simulation / Sabine Sanzenbacher and Bernd Bertsche -- Dynamic Characteristics of Vehicular Planetary Gears Influenced by Engine Excitation and Backlash Based on Nonlinear Torsional Vibration Model / Hui Liu, Zhongchang Cai and Changle Xiang -- Dynamic Optimization of Vehicle Planetary Transmission Based on GA and FEA / Changle Xiang, Cheng Wang, Hui Liu and Zhongchang Cai -- NVH Optimization of Vehicle Powertrain / Shouwei Lu, Huihua Feng, Zhengxing Zuo, Liyun Kang and Bo Yu -- Input Torque Shaping for Driveline NVH Improvement and Torque Profile Approximation Problem with Combustion Pressure / Kazuhide Togai and Michael Platten -- Wheel Load Oriented Control of Semi-Active and Active Suspension Systems Using Pre-Located Road Sampling / Sebastian Spirk and Kay-Uwe Henning
Part 3. Engine Vibration and Noise Control -- Optimization of the Range Extender Mounting System for Electric Vehicle / Yutao Luo and En-ming Lai -- Middle and High Frequency Sound Attenuation Optimization of Air Cleaner / Liang Yang, Xiaohong Kuang, Shuo Zhang and Haiyan Zhang -- NVH Performance Optimization of Cylinder Head in Concept Stage / Zhanhui Li, Lei Zhang, Xiaoyu Ai, Fengqin Li and Yongjiang Xu -- Rattle Simulation Analysis of a Manual Gearbox / Xiaoying Ma, Zhan Zhangsong, Guoming Peng, Jun Lan and Bo Yu, et al. -- Study about the Relationship Between Power-Train Modal and Connecting-Plane / Yongjiang Xu, Zhangsong Zhan, Wenjun Chen, Yanlin Shi and Hangkui Lu, et al. -- Investigation on the Vibration of the Engine Fead Accessory Driving Belt / Yanping Ding, Yifeng Dong, Hanjie Liu, Jincai Yang and Qingwei Gu, et al. -- The Effect of EMS Calibration on Noise Control of Turbocharger for Gasoline Engine / Pengyuan Liu, Shuxia Miao, Hui Zheng, Xianli Hu and Biao Du, et al. -- The Method of Accurate Sound Source Localization for the Engine Abnormal Noise / Jincai Yang, Zhangsong Zhan, Hanjie Liu, Liang Zhang and Lingfeng Qian, et al. -- Sound Source Identification Based on Acoustic Source Quantification by Measuring the Particle Velocity Directly / Byung Hyun Kim, Tae Jin Shin and Sang Kwon Lee -- Noise Reduction Potential of an Engine Oil Pan / Tommy Luft, Stefan Ringwelski, Ulrich Gabbert, Wilfried Henze and Helmut Tschöke -- Experimental Investigation of the Pulsation Noise Induced by Automotive Turbocharger Compressors / Ho-il Park, Sungyou Hong, Jubong Seo and Hyeongill Lee -- Rotordynamics for Turbocharger Application Using Matlab Software / Cosmin Boricean, Gheorghe Alexandru Radu and Anghel Chiru
Part 4. Body Vibration and Noise Control -- A Systematic Approach for Rattle Problem Detection and Prevention of Seat Belt Retractors / Youmin Guo, Xiaoping Gong, Zhiqiang Tu, Zhonghua Wu and Yangjia She, et al. -- A Study on Optimization Design of Engine-Room NVH for a Modified Vehicle / Honghua Li, Fengwei Sun, Hao Xu, Jielong Chen and Aijun Jin, et al. -- Mechanism of Vibration Noise Transfer of Trimmed Body / Huimin Zhuang, Shuo Zhang, Xiaofeng Qu and Ye Zhang -- Automotive Concept Modelling: Optimization of the Vehicle NVH Performance / Naser Nasrolahzadeh, Mohammad Fard, Milad Tatari and Mohammad Mahjoob
Part 5. Vehicle Vibration and Noise Control -- Improvements of Steering Wheel's Idle Shaking / Wenku Shi, Guangming Wu, Shichao Wang and Zhiyong Chen -- Squeak and Rattle Performance Degradation and Prevention in a Vehicle Design and Development Process / Youming Guo, Zhonghua Wu, Yangjia She, Peng Xu and Xiaoli Duan, et al. -- Test and Simulation Integrated Transfer Path Analysis and Optimization of the Steering Wheel Vibration in Idle / Ran Xie, Zhifeng Liu, Shucheng Long and Zilong Tian -- Study on Mount Matching Optimization for Removing Powertrain Abnormal Low Frequency Vibration / Feili Dai, Wei Wu, Hailin Wang, Qiang Liu and Fangwu Ma, et al. -- Study on Influence of High-Performance Acoustic Materials on a Vehicle's NVH Performance / Yang Yue, Qiang Liu, Yu Xie, Meng Zhang and Fuquan Zhao -- The Identification and Countermeasure Analysis of Vehicle Idle Vibration / Ye Zhang, Hui Wang, Qingjun Zhu, Yanghui Xu and Lie Wu -- Study on Automotive Interior Structure-Borne Sound Based on TPA / Lingyun Yao and Guangrong Zhang -- The Vibration Analysis of Eco-Friendly Vehicle Based on the Electric Motor Excitation / Peicheng Shi and Yuan Shang -- Apply Near-Field Acoustic Holography to Identify the Noise Source of Pass-by Vehicles / Lingzhi Li, Jun Li, Bingwu Lu and Yinjie Liu
Part 6. Analysis and Evaluation of In-Car Vibration & Noise -- Application Research of Statistical Energy Analysis on Vehicle Sound Package / Xiaoxuan Zhang, Xingrang Wu, Yuhu Cheng, Hongying Jin and Jun Zhang -- Optimization of Subframe Mounting System to Reduce the Interior Booming / Jianghua Fu, Xiaomin Xu, Jingbo Li, Dongzheng Ma and Debin Yu -- Disturbing Noise Identification and Sound Quality Research on Car Generator / Yanfang Hou, Guohua Han, Yaozhen Zhao and Xueying Xu -- Characterization of the Automotive Seat Structural Dynamics / Milad Tatari, Mohammad Fard, Naser Nasrolahzadeh and Mohammad Mahjoob
Part 7. Wind Noise Control Technology -- The CFD and Noise Simulating Research of Fan Based on the Dipole Noise Theory / Qing Zhu, Zhaocheng Yuan, Chong Liu and Jiayi Ma -- Wind Noise Testing at Shanghai Automotive Wind Tunnel Center / He Yinzhi, Zhigang Yang and Yigang Wang
Part 8. Vibration and Noise Testing Technology -- An Analysis of Vehicle Engine Vibration Signals with Digital Order Tracking Approaches / Wei Shao, Xiaofeng Wang, Dapeng Liu and Zong-an Shao -- A New Approach to the Presentation of Vibration Phenomena in Vehicles / Thomas Berberich, Peter Gebhard, Stephan Bohlen, Oliver Danninger and Markus Lienkamp -- Research on Noise Testing and Analysis of an Automatic Transmission / Wenfeng Zhan, Jian Wu, Fake Shao and Chuhua Huang -- The Application of Doppler Laser Vibrometer in the Engine NVH Dynocell Test / Jin Yang, Jun Lan, Xu YongJiang, Jin Cai and XiaoNan Zhang, et al. -- Judder Test and Analysis for Electric Vehicle / Xiumin Shen, Yong Wang, Bin Li and Lei Cai -- Tracking Algorithm and Its Implementation of the Vehicle BSR Noise Location / Choi Sung Uk, Kang Jun-Goo, Lee Tae-Woong and Mog Mu Gyun -- Contribution of Pass-by Noise Sources with Acoustic Holograph and Dynamic Transfer Path Model / Sifa Zheng, Jiabi Dan, Peng Hao and Xiaomin Lian -- Research of Acoustic Parts in Vehicle Sound Transmission Loss Test Method / Xiufeng Wang and Jie Shi -- Research of the Powertrain in Vehicle Sound Power Test Method / Xiufeng Wang and Jie Shi
Part 9. Other -- Research on Whine Noise of Automotive Radiator Fan During Decelerating / Wei Li, Xiaoping Gong and Haifeng Xu -- Electromagnetic Noise Study of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor for Electric Vehicle / Xiumin Shen, Yong Wang, Bin Li and Yuanjian Yue -- Evaluation and Improvement of Door Slamming Sound Quality / Fangwu Ma and Dongmei Guo
Summary Proceedings of the FISITA 2012 World Automotive Congress are selected from nearly 2,000 papers submitted to the 34th FISITA World Automotive Congress, which is held by Society of Automotive Engineers of China (SAE-China) and the International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies (FISITA). This proceedings focus on solutions for sustainable mobility in all areas of passenger car, truck and bus transportation. Volume 13: Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) focuses on: -Chassis Vibration and Noise Control -Transmission Vibration and Noise Control -Engine Vibration and Noise Control -Body Vibration and Noise Control -Vehicle Vibration and Noise Control -Analysis and Evaluation of In-Car Vibration & Noise -Wind Noise Control Technology -Vibration and Noise Testing Technology Above all researchers, professional engineers and graduates in fields of automotive engineering, mechanical engineering and electronic engineering will benefit from this book. SAE-China is a national academic organization composed of enterprises and professionals who focus on research, design and education in the fields of automotive and related industries. FISITA is the umbrella organization for the national automotive societies in 37 countries around the world. It was founded in Paris in 1948 with the purpose of bringing engineers from around the world together in a spirit of cooperation to share ideas and advance the technological development of the automobile
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